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Getting a new business launched and performing in Japan can be a daunting task.

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Let us help.  We cut our teeth on some of the world's biggest technology brands, and we've worked in every aspect of the business, from product management, marketing localization and sales operations, to sales, sales leadership and business development. 

Our team and network of experienced business professionals can offer a variety of marketing start up services to get you started up, running towards the goal, and performing in months, not years. 




Need some help and guidance? Need a program evaluation? 


Why didn't we meet our number in Japan?  

We have extensive experience in measuring the performance of teams and we can help you with a root cause analysis and help you to determine how to invest in your team to ensure success. 

The leading performance failure point in Japan is not a product, not a support policy, not lack of localization, it's talent development and the failure of leaders to develop and measure a team to plan. 

Is it our team or our leadership?

We've got a great product and we've invested. Why are we not meeting our goal?

Let us help you find the answer, we have plenty of experience measuring and guiding go to market teams, and sales. 

We can evaluate your team based on your expectations for performance see how your team meets the mark, and help you determine the best steps to course correction.  We'll let you know where, and how to make the best investments and changes for success in your team. 

Time for a change?

Let's face it, sometimes we all rush to judgement, and some agency sold us you some past experience and their English was great, Right ? Yes we know!

We understand, and we can help you fix it. Unlike most recruiting services, and market entry companies the Pipeline Networks team has actually managed teams in the industry.

We've hired for quite a few roles in marketing and sales. We can help you find the right talent to deliver a marketing program or meet a quota target. 

Reach out to us for advice on hiring quality team members.

Pipeline can also provide interim country leadership services while we help you build a new team. 

Looking to motivate your team to reach a higher level of performance?

Binders full of sales paradigms or quotes on wining friends is likely the best way to dismotivate to your colleagues. 

Training should be exciting, engaging and serving to build relationships across your broader organization. 

Got a team you need to reignite some passion within?

We've got you ON BELAY!

We are an authorized partner for REDLEAF adventure training specialist. We can tailor and deliver some of the most engaging motivational training content onsite or virtually for your team. 

  Established in 2003, our products address the complexities of leadership and team dynamics in corporate culture today. 

Our mix of energetic team building & practical, business-focused workshops gives participants the confidence and skills to focus time, effort and resources on meaningful objectives that make a difference for their teams & for the organisation.

We help our clients share a culture that delivers outstanding business results… using adventure as a metaphor, that way it's productive & fun! 

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Reach for the Summit

Reach for the Summit

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Getting your channel program firing is going to mean success. 



Traditional distribution channels are painstakingly slow in Japan.

Countless hours can be spent on evaluations of products, services and required business contracts, without results.

Many distribution channels, will not evaluate products within early adopter or innovative stages of their business. 

Are you in a early stage of business, but feel you have a great solution for the Japan market?

A distribution services agreement may be right for you. 

Pipeline Networks can lead your channel program in Japan directly with several value-added resellers in our current business network. 

As you grow we can help develop additional distribution channels to ensure our mutual success. 

We are small but tenacious and flexible to meet your needs. 





Eventhough, Japan is still faxing things about in the age of email and collaboration tools, businesses adapt new solutions required to maintain a competitive edge in global business.

Is Japan right for our business? 

We will listen to your team and provide planning and feedback to reach your goals. 

We consult on:

  • Product and Solution viability 

  • Go to Market Planning

  • Event Planning / Trade Show 

  • Networking Experiences

  • Sales Development

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • OEM Concepts

  • Localization

  • Starting a Japan office